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Check out the rankings as of 2/14/17 with the file: NCAA Ranking near end of regular season

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Some great scores this year... What is amazing is that in Air-Rifle 18 athletes have combined to shoot 50 scores of 596 and above! On top of that West Virginia has two team members (Milica Babicwith and Ginny Thrasher) each with a 599 as well as Elizabeth Gratz with a perfect 600.
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List of Air-Rifle and Smallbore qualifiers for college Club and NCAA. Qualifications for an invitation to the Championship are determined from minimum qualifying scores fired in the 2017 NRA Intercollegiate Rifle Sectionals held throughout the U.S. between January and February 2017.  2017 Qualifying list for Air-Rifle and Smallbore is available now.