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We want to make sure everyone enjoys ShootingBUZZ.  Our goal is to engage Shooters, Coaches and friends in a commnity where they can find the matches and info the need and share pics and communication with fellow competitors. Have Fun!

Show respect for others - There will be no name calling, bullying, aggressive threatening behavior, or flaming on this forum.

Repeated Abusive Behavior - Abusive behavior will get you a warning, repeated abusive behavior towards other users will not be tolerated and will lead to action up to and including being banned from

No Affiliate Links or Banners - Do not post affiliate banners or links to other sites to generate income. These will be removed and are not allowed.

For Sale is for individual members only – Vendors looking to place information on ShootingBUZZ about their products will need to use the Contact Us form and inquire about Advertising and Sponsorship opportunities.

Violations of the above rules (at our discretion) can lead up to and including being banned from the Forum. This will include any and all other names that you should attempt to connect with in the future.

Please us the Contact Us if you have any suggestions.


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