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NRA and CMP Team up for Summer Junior Camps.  All smallbore & air rifle camp students will receive expert coaching in the fundamental principles and techniques of 3-position and 4-position smallbore and International air rifle shooting. Students will be provided a safe, enjoyable learning experience that will significantly contribute to improving their shooting skills.

The smallbore rifle camp has been primarily designed for the intermediate shooter (age 12 – 20), and will be held using both smallbore and air rifles. Students must supply their own smallbore rifle. Students are encouraged to bring their own air rifle – but the CMP will lend sporter air rifles to campers who do not have one to bring.

If you have any questions, please call the NRA at (703) 267-1589, or email coaching@nrahq.orgg or Russ Evans at 330-534-5344

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