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Online registration for the National Championships is now live.

The Championships will be held on the Wa-Ke'-De Rifle Range in Bristol, Indiana, in July 2017.

Chief Wa-Ke`-De Range at St Joe Valley Rifle and Pistol Association

July 8         Packet pickup and Practice (1:00 p.m., 3 Relays)
July 9-12    Conventional Prone Championship
July 13       Randle, Dewar, Fired Team Matches, and Mentor Match
July 14-15  Conventional 3-P Championship
July 16-17   Metric 3-P Championship
July 17        Drew Cup, Whistler Boy

Note: Dewar, Randle, Whistler Boy and Drew Cup dates may change at the team captains' discretion.The Metric Prone Championship will be conducted in March 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona.

For additional info see the NRA pages:

NRA Webpage
NRA Registration


Use the NRA Smallbore Rifle Championship Online Entry Form to register, or call 703-267-1456 if you have any questions. The Championships are limited to 200 competitors per Championship (Metric 3-P, Conventional 3-P and Conventional Prone). Competitors MUST have a current NRA Classification Card. Competitors will receive squadding after registration and payment of entry fee; a confirmation will be sent confirming registration and squadding. Shooters who wish to shoot near each other must register together.   

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