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USA Shooting has chosen 2017 as the year they’ll honor Lones Wigger’s enduring legacy to the sport with the official launch of the Lones Wigger Endowment and Legacy Project. That initial effort began last week with announcement of the Lones Wigger/USAS Jr Olympic Endowment, in partnership with the MidwayUSA Foundation. Money put toward that endowment will be used to support youth and Junior Olympic initiatives in the future.  Every dollar raised in 2017 is being matched 2-to-1 by the generosity of the MidwayUSA Foundation, which means that for every $1,000 donated in the name of Lones Wigger, $3,000 will go towards benefiting youth shooting programs in the future. 

Now, the organization’s next step in honoring the man who always put results and his sport first, comes in renaming the USA Shooting headquarters after him.  In celebration of his accomplishments in the sport, as well as his 80th birthday on Friday, August 25, USA Shooting will officially dedicate and rename the USA Shooting headquarters as the Lones Wigger Legacy Hall & Shooting Center.

DONATE TODAY- By pairing with the leading Foundation for youth shooting sports, all donations made in 2017 to the Lones Wigger/USAS Jr Olympic Endowment will be matched by the MidwayUSA Foundation at a 2-to-1 ratio. 

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