NRA Bluegrass Regional Championships 2018


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10000 Barricks Rd, Louisville, KY 40229, USA
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Sponsored by The Louisville Rifle & Revolver Club Inc.

Match Summary now available

Metallic Sights: 8:30 a.m. EDST Saturday May 19, 2018

Any Sights: 8:30 a.m. EDST Sunday May 20, 2018

Current NRA Smallbore Rifle Rules will govern throughout. The Caliber .22 Rim Fire as defined in NRA Rule 3.2 applies. NRA Rule 3.21 Empty Chamber Indicator Will Be Used and Enforced. Open to any individual member of the NRA or non-member.

Junior competitors may be members of the NRA or members of a NRA affiliated Junior Rifle Club or Non members. The NRA classification system will be used in all matches. Individuals who have not been classified will fire in the Master Class. Rule 19.6 (assigned classification) or Rule 19.2 (temporary classification) may be used. Non members will be assigned a number for classification only. Official NRA Targets (A-23 A-25 and A-26) will be used. All targets will be displayed.

Competitors will hang their targets and furnish their own clips.

Separate class awards will be given in each of three categories, Service, Civilian and Junior, subject to LRRC Award schedule. Members of the USA Armed Forces and Reserves will comprise the service category. (Rule 2.5, 2.6 and 2.7) All others are either Civilians (Rule 2.2) or Juniors (Rule 2.3) Classes and Categories may be combined (Rule 19.8). A challenge fee of $1.00 will be charged for each challenge made. See NRA (Rules Section 16) All Challenge Times will be posted on the Official Scoreboard.

All matches will be squadded. Squadding tickets will be issued upon registration at club office. Failure of a competitor to obtain his squadding ticket or present himself at the proper firing Point when his relay is called may lose his right to compete in that event. NRA membership and classification cards must be shown before squadding tickets will be issued.

Entries in individual events will be made by using the enclosed Entry card, with Check or money order made payable to Louisville Rifle & Revolver Club or by calling Pryce Davidson Jr.  Please indicate your NRA member number and classification

Entries are limited to 45 competitors.  Entries will close no later than Friday May 18, 2018 Team entries received of the day of the match. Late entries will be accepted up to the range capacity.
Advance entry fees will be refunded entirely to anyone unable to attend.

NRA Registration...........................$ 9.00 Per Competitor

Individual Matches ........................$ 15.00 Per Competitor

One Day Package Entry Fee...........$ 35.00 Per Competitor

Package Entry Fee..........................$ 50.00 Per Competitor

Post Entries Same as above

Team Match....$ 6.00 Per Team

Anyone wishing to bunk in the club building may do so.There will be a lunch break each day, or you may bring your own or travel to one of the nearby eating-places. Soft drinks and coffee will be available in the building. Club rules prohibit all Alcoholic beverages on club property. Motels @ I-65 Exit 121 are approx. 2 miles So. of the Range.

Match Program available in files section.


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