NRA Open and Jr Air Gun Championships


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NRA Open and Jr Air Gun Championships

The NRA Air Gun Nationals are a two part match, a qualifying round and a shoulder to shoulder Championship. The qualifying round is shot at multiple locations around the country at the beginning of the year, and the shoulder to shoulder National Championship is hosted at a different location each year.

Qualifying Round

Competitors may shoot the qualifier closest to them without the need for expensive travel. The three position, sixty shot match is scored to a decimal using electronic scoring, which ensures consistent nationwide scoring and reduces the number of ties. All of the scores are gathered together and visible online, allowing spectators and coaches nationwide to see new results as they are entered.

This portion of the match is shot within a set window of time, allowing each participating location to choose the weekend which best suits their shooting schedule. Any location with the ability to score a match to a decimal is invited to participate, and the NRA is always looking to add new locations. If your club is interested in being a host location for the qualifying round, email Damian Allen at

At the conclusion of the qualifying round, the competitors who posted the best scores will receive invites to the shoulder to shoulder championship.

The Championship

The NRA’s Open Air Gun Championship seeks to bring together the best competitors from around the country to determine the best individual and the best team in sporter and precision air rifle each year. The three position 120 shot match is scored to a decimal, just like the qualifying round. This has allowed for an unprecedented amount of detail for comparing two competitors. Some awards may be decided by fractions of a point!

The shoulder to shoulder championship moves from year to year, and in 2015 was held in Albuquerque New Mexico. The best Air Rifle competitors in the country came from as far as Alaska and South Carolina to compete in the match. 

Below you will find links to the results from the qualifying round as well as the shoulder to shoulder Championship. (Not available yet...)

Qualifying Round

Shoulder to Shoulder


The Wall

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