19th Annual Palmyra Invitational


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Sportsman Rd, Annville, PA 17003, USA
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19th Annual	Palmyra Invitational

The 19th Annual Palmrya Invitational -hosted by the Palmyra Sportsmen’s Association is being fired across multiple weekend in January 2018.

Dates: January 13-15, 20-21, 27-28, 2018 (Other days can be scheduled)

Rules: Current USA Shooting Smallbore and Air Rifle Rules

Sights: Metallic sights only

Ranges: Smallbore 50 feet, 12 firing points; Air Rifle 10 meters, 12 firing points (24 firing points)

Targets: SIUS Electronic targets with target lifts

Individual Match: The Palmyra Invitational is open to all interested individuals. The PTO portion of the match is open only to current members of USA Shooting providing their USA Shooting number at the time of the match.

Team Match: Open to any single USA affiliated club or collegiate team. Junior teams must practice together on a regular basis as well as shoot tournaments together to be eligible as an official team. 4 team members must be designated before firing begins. Team matches are unfired matches; aggregate scores are used.

Fees: Smallbore or Air Rifle: Total Individual fee $23.00 for either Smallbore or Air Rifle ($37.00 for both events). All teams are $10.00 per event. Make checks payable to “Palmyra Sportsmen’s Association.”Fee breakdown: USA Shooting Registration $6.00 ($9.00 for both events), Club registration $3.00 ($5.00 for both events), Match fees $14.00 ($23.00 for both events).

NRA Intercollegiate Sectionals: Intercollegiate Sectionals will be held in conjunction with the Palmyra Invitational. The entry fees will be $15 per event (smallbore and air rifle). A separate results bulletin will be provided and awards will be given according to the NRA national program.

Full information is in the Match Program.

Also additional info is available from the Palmyra Sportsmen’s AssociationClub Telephone: 717-832-0488


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xring2245 base+authorization_role_coach
Sep 20 '17
I have shot this match. Teams from a far away as Alaska come to shoot. There are seven days of shooting and the match is well-run.
Kevin base+authorization_role_coach
Sep 20 '17
Sounds great! I will make it there for one of the weekends.
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