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CAMP PERRY, Ohio – The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) has revamped the Junior Smallbore and Air Rifle Camp traditionally held during the National Matches at Camp Perry, offering an evolved set of intermediate and advanced skills training to junior marksmanship athletes. 

The air rifle portion of the camp will take place at the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center on OpticScore system targets.

Now overseen entirely by the CMP, the six-day CMP National Matches Junior Camp, Smallbore & Air Rifle, is open to three-position smallbore and standing/international precision air rifle juniors between the ages of 12 and 20. Athletes must be currently involved in competitive smallbore and air rifle settings in order to participate.

A trained staff of 17 certified coaches, eight safety officers and four support staff will be on hand during the camp to ensure safety and provide guidance to junior competitors as they are reinforced with the fundamentals and positioning standards of each discipline. A 50- and 100-yard prone “Dewar Match” will be held on the electronic targets of Petrarca Range, along with a 60 Shot International Air Rifle match in the electronic air range found within the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center, located next to Petrarca on Camp Perry’s grounds.

Campers will need to provide his or her own three-position smallbore target rifle, equipment and ammunition. Sporter air rifles are available for use during the air range portion of the camp.

Early registration will be available through the CMP Website. the first week of March 2018, with a total cost of $250. Registrations made after May 1, 2018, will be $275.

For questions, contact head coach Russ Evans by phone at 330-534-5344 or by email at We hope to see you there!

Check out the entire CMP article by Ashley Brugnone 

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Shooting prone rifle for a little while but looking to improve your position? While steady and smart practice is the way, here are some things to consider that contributed to large steps upward in the author’s position development over the years.  The author; Reya Kempley is an accomplished competitor at both the National and International level.  In 2013 she won the iron sights prone championship at Camp Perry with a perfect score.

1)  Consistency

One of the simplest ways to improve consistency in your prone position is to keep the butt of your rifle in your shoulder between shots.

2)  Keep your gear close

Another great way to keep movement and errors to a minimum while you shoot prone is to place everything you need as close as possible to you.

3)  Make sure your shooting coat fits

Having a properly fitted coat around the shoulders was one of the most significant improvements to my prone position.

4)  Arm and rifle

The author  took another step forward in her prone shooting when s changed how I thought about the relationship between my arms and the rifle.

Prone position showing the arms in a triangle under the rifle.

5)  Sling rotationMany people are aware that the sling can be placed at a variety of heights on the arm to find a comfortable place with a minimum of heartbeat. This is most commonly just above the bicep, but sometimes elsewhere. Another factor to consider: the rotation of the sling on the arm.

If you haven’t considered one or more of these ideas, I encourage you to give them a try and see if you observe an improvement to your position!

Check out the full article at NRA Shooting Sports USA 

Photos by Justin Tracey

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It was sad news when I read today's USA Shooting press release that Ret. Army Lt. Col. Lones W. Wigger, a four-time Olympian and the most decorated shooter in the world, passed away on the evening of December 14, 2017 at his home in Colorado Springs, Colorado of complications from pancreatic cancer. He was 80 years old.

Wigger became the only athlete to win medals in all three Olympic rifle shooting disciplines and was selected as one of the U.S. Olympic Committee’s 100 Golden Olympians in 1996.  In honor of his achievements and in celebration of his 80th birthday on August 25, USA Shooting renamed the interior of its headquarters and upper range the Lones Wigger Legacy Hall and Range. Wigger also wanted his legacy to also benefit young shooters and the Lones Wigger/USAS Jr. Olympic Endowment was established to grow youth shooting programs. To date, more than $225,000 has been raised and will impact junior shooting for years to come.

Funeral and memorial services will be announced.  In lieu of flowers, the family has requested donations to the Lones Wigger/USAS Jr. Olympic Endowment.

View Pictures from the Lones Wigger Legacy Hall & Range Dedication

Listen to Lones Wigger’s last public speech given on his 80th Birthday  

The full press release from USA Shooting is available here.

Picture above is from USA Shooting.

Thank you Wig for everything you have done for our sport! Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

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The Dixie-Double 60 shot international air rifle and air pistol competition took place on Saturday and Sunday, 3-5 November 2017.  All events were held at the CMP Competition Center South in Anniston AL, featuring 80 KTS electronic targets.


Seventy-six  Precision Air-Rifle competitors shot the two day event at the CMP Anniston range. Lucas Kozeniesky had the top score each day for an impressive 1264 first place win.  Rachel Martin (1259.6) and Sarah Beard (1254.6) placed 2nd and 3rd.


There were twenty Air-Pistol competitors. Alexis Lagen backed up her Day 1 578-20 win with a 573-19 to win the 2-say aggregate.  James Hall (1153-34) and Richard Gray (1131-25) placed 2nd and 3rd overall.

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Shooting Sports USA has started a three part series for 3-Position. The first part (by Marcus Raab) discusses the Standing position. 

Maximizing the body’s ability to remain stable in the shooting position throughout an entire course-of-fire requires not only physical training, but also an understanding of what makes a good position and how to assume that correct position repeatedly. While there is no cookie-cutter position that fits every shooter, there are some biomechanical principles to which the shooter and coach should adhere. There are also some common sense ideas that can help the shooter attain their goals. This article will help the coach and shooters understand today’s standing position technique.  

Topics covered include:

Warm-up Holding Exercises

Mounting Sequence

Loading Sequence

Basic Standing Position

Check out the complete article at
For more information on the NRA Coach Education Program, visit

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The No. 1-ranked West Virginia University rifle team closed its fall season in commanding fashion, shooting an NCAA record in a 4742-4703 victory at No. 3 Murray State this afternoon inside the Pat Spurgin Rifle Range in Murray, Kentucky.

Check out the full story at WVU Rifle

The NCAA Site also has all the scores from the record!

Photo - from WVU Rifle Athletics

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Twenty one NCAA Rifle teams had competitions over the weekend. The No. 1 WVU Mountaineers handed  the No.3 TCU Horned Frogs their first loss of the season by only ten points.(The two teams tied in Air-Rifle, with Smallbore being the difference.) A few teams shot on Saturday and Sunday- for example firing a 4733 on Sunday against Army.

The level of competition has really been high this Season. How high.... well an excellent individual aggregate score of 1160 would not make the top 50 scores fired this weekend.

Here are the Top 10 team Aggregate Scores: (Full scores at NCAA Rifle Team Results) With WVU, TCU and Murray breaking 4700 again this week.

Air-Rifle Top 10 - Individual Aggregate

There once again were some excellent Air-Rifle scores fired. The top ten Air-Rifle individuals all fired 595 or higher!  Ginny Thrasher led the way after registering a perfect 600, and a 599 this week.

 (Complete listing at NCAA Rifle Individual results)

Smallbore Top 10 -Individual Aggregate

The top ten Smallbore individuals all fired 585 or higher!  Henrik Larsen again had the top score this week with a 595.

The cover photo is courtesy of WVU Rifle Sports. Check out the full story on their impressive win.

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The weekend of Oct 21-22 feature twenty NCAA Rifle teams competing at seven different ranges. The top four teams continued to break the 4700 Aggregate score (WVU-4739, TCU-4726, UK-4714, and Murray State-4704).  Ginny Thrasher (WVU) had the high score of matches this weekend with an 1189. Mindy Miles (TCU) and Henrik Larsen (UK) both led their teams with 1187.

WVU: The No. 2-ranked West Virginia University rifle team shot an NCAA air rifle record with a winning 2392 air rifle total, two-points  better than the previous NCAA record of 2390 the team set in a win over Ohio State on Sept. 30.  Ginny Thrasher paced WVU with a 1189 with their win over Ole Miss.

Top 4 WVU Individual Aggregate scores:

TCU: The No 1 ranked TCU Horned Frogs continued undefeated with another excellent aggregate match score of 4,726 at Murray State. This follows 4,728 4,726 and 4,718 in their first three matches. Mindy Miles led the way with a 1187, as they scored a win over Murray St and Jacksonville St.

Top 5 TCU Individual Aggregate scores:

UK: The third-ranked UK rifle team picked up its second consecutive ranked win after it defeated No. 16 Morehead State, 4714-4625.  The Wildcats have fired above 4700 in every match this season.  Henrick Larsen fired an 1187 aggregate score and was the top individual for the third time in as many matches. Carr and Azzinaro made up the remainder of the top three.
Top 5 UK Individual Aggregate scores:

Murray State: In a three way match with TCU and Jacksonville St, Murray placed second. They only trailed TCU in Air-rifle by two points. However TCU had a 20 point lead from Smallbore.

Check out the links above for the NCAA Rifle Scoreboard, as well as the University Rifle sites.

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Top Three NCAA Rifle Teams Remain Undefeated!

Top 10 NCAA Rifle rankings as of October 11, 2017

  1) West Virginia

  2) TCU

  3) Kentucky

  4) Murray State

  5) Alaska

  6) Air Force

  7) Ohio State

  8) Nevada

  9) Ole Miss

 10) JSU

No. 1 WVU Rifle (Week 3:  4716)

The West Virginia University rifle team continued its win streak with a 4716-4653 victory over Nebraska. The Mountaineers (3-0, 2-0 in conference) earned their second Great America Rifle Conference (GARC) win with a sweep of both smallbore, 2336-2304, and air rifle, 2380-2349.

For smallbore rifle, sophomores Milica Babic and Morgan Phillips tied for second with scores of 586, a season-best for Phillips. Two WVU student-athletes earned individual wins. Milica Babic won her second straight air rifle victory with a 597 score, while redshirt-freshman David Koenders took smallbore with a career-high score of 588 total.

No. 2 TCU Rifle  (Week 3: 4718)

A career day for freshman Elizabeth Marsh helped the undefeated TCU rifle team to a first place finish at The Citadel during their match-up. Marsh produced career highs in air rifle (597) and aggregate (1185) to lead all shooters competing that day at the match.  The Horned Frogs fired a team aggregate score of 4718 which was the highest score fired in Week 3 of competition. 

Rachel Garner, Casey Lutz and Mindy Miles (pictured) all fired identical air rifle scores of 594. Photo courtesy of TCU Athletics

No. 3 UK Rifle  (Week 3: 4711)

The third-ranked Kentucky rifle team defeated No. 13 Navy, 4711-4640, inside the Buell Armory for its first home win of the season. Four UK student-athletes shot 590―or better―in air rifle, which led them to a 10-point increase in the discipline from the first match. Kentucky fired 2376 in air rifle and 2335 in smallbore rifle.

Freshman Henrik Larsen continued to lead the way for UK with an Aggregate 1191. He tied the school record and his personal-best score in air rifle (598) for the second week in a row. The Norway, native set new school records in smallbore (595) and combined (1193) the previous week at the Ole Miss Open.

No. 4 Murray State (Week 3: 4710)

Except for a week 2 loss to UK, Murray State is also shooting well, with a 4710 in their fourth match.

Check out the full article from the SSUSA Staff

2017 Kentucky Rifle Team. Photo courtesy of UK Athletics

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Led by freshman Henrik Larsen's record-breaking performance, the fourth-ranked Kentucky rifle team fired a 4714 at the Ole Miss Open on Saturday inside the Patricia C. Lamar National Guard Readiness Center.

Larsen paved the way for the Wildcats in the first match of his career, setting school records in smallbore and combined. The Mysen, Norway, product put on a show and fired a 595 in smallbore and a 598 in air rifle for a 1193 combined score. Larsen's 598 matches the team-high score in the discipline from all of the 2016-17 season, while his 595 surpasses the previous school record by three points.

The Cats fired 2348 in smallbore, one of their highest scores in recent action, and 2367 in air rifle. This is the first time that UK has started the season above the 4700 mark.

Full story at UK Athletics

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