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We know Competitive Shooters for their skill and talent on the range. But, what do they do when they’re not on the range?


Let's find out. Freedom Journal veteran Gabby Franco shares her one-on-one interview with American Olympic Biathlete Lanny Barnes as she shares the other side of shooting sport athletes.

(Photo courtesy/Lanny Barnes)


Lanny Barnes has been interested in art since she was very young. She never took any formal schooling but it has always been one of her passions. Lanny also said that it helped get her through those long months competing in Europe away from home and sitting in a hotel room.


She became a professional artist in 2000 and has done a lot of commissioned pieces for people which has helped fund her Olympic career with her artwork.


Lanny's art work is amazingly beautiful and unique. You can purchase some of her prints at, or email her at


by Gabby Franco - Friday, March 10, 2017

For the complete story head on over to the NRA Blog!


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The CMP is pleased to offer six days of smallbore events during the 2018 National Matches at Camp Perry. One of our goals is to offer more shooting events at Camp Perry and grow participation.

Here is a draft schedule for 2018:

16 July – Check-in/Registration and Practice

17-18 July – 3x40 (2 days)

19-22 July – Prone (4 days)

22 July - Smallbore Awards Ceremony

We will utilize CMP electronic targets, located on Petrarca range, to conduct finals for the events.

Clinics will be offered by the Army Marksmanship Unit and CMP Staff.

CMP is currently drafting rules and regulations for the matches and will be posted in the coming weeks. The remaining details are still under development. We are working with a group of very knowledgeable smallbore shooters to make this an event everyone will enjoy.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please contact CMP Program Coordinator, Brad Donoho at

Latest info from CMP will be on their site at: CMP National Matches

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Olympic champion Ginny Thrasher is one of 18 amateur athletes selected as a semifinalist for the 2016 Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) James E. Sullivan Award. 

A 19-year-old NCAA national champion, Thrasher represented the U.S. in Rio and earned the country's first gold medal at the 2016 Olympic Games in the 10m air rifle. Thrasher defeated her veteran opponent in the finals by a full point, a wide margin in perhaps the Games' most precise sport.


Ginny Thrasher nominated for 2016 James E Sullivan awardThe shooting sports community can now vote to help advance Ginny to one of six AAU Sullivan Award Finalists.  You can vote daily now through Monday 3/13/17 at the James E Sullivan Award site!


Remember - you can vote once per day!!

West Virginia University / USA Shooting / Team USA


Photos courtesy of


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Honoring A Legend: USA Shooting Launches Lones Wigger Endowment & Legacy Project COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado (February 16, 2017)

The word “legend” is an overused descriptor in the American lexicon, particularly when describing our sports heroes and all-time greats. In the case of three-time Olympic medalist, 24-time World Champion, 33-time world-record holder, and 91-time National Champion Lones Wigger, it is truly the only word fitting enough. There’s no hyperbole when using legend to describe perhaps the best marksman the shooting sports has ever seen. 


USA Shooting has chosen 2017 as the year they’ll honor Lones Wigger’s enduring legacy to the sport with the official launch of the Lones Wigger Endowment and Legacy Project. That initial effort began last week with announcement of the Lones Wigger/USAS Jr Olympic Endowment, in partnership with the MidwayUSA Foundation. Money put toward that endowment will be used to support youth and Junior Olympic initiatives in the future. Every dollar raised in 2017 is being matched 2-to-1 by the generosity of the MidwayUSA Foundation, which means that for every $1,000 donated in the name of Lones Wigger, $3,000 will go towards benefiting youth shooting programs in the future.

Help honor the legend of Lones Wigger with your generous donation today!

His records and accomplishments are as numerous as they are lofty, a career résumé never to be matched. A four-time Olympian with three Olympic medals and a total of 111 international medals, Wigger was named one of the U.S. Olympic Committee’s 100 Golden Olympians in 1996, as well as earning induction into the USOC’s Hall of Fame in 2008.


All donation amounts will be accepted for the Lones Wigger Endowment & Legacy Project and a special Lones Wigger pin is being created to provide to donors at all levels. Additionally, six primary donation levels have been established with donors contributing at those designated levels set to receive authentic donor premiums showcasing Lones Wigger's career accomplishments. Donor premiums can be used to further the conversation with others about Wigger's legendary career and further supporting the project. Donor premiums are currently being created and will be unveiled in a pending announcement.


For the full story, head over to USA Shooting:

USA Shooting Partners with MidwayUSA Foundation to Begin Lones Wigger Endowment for Junior Olympics & Youth Shooting


Donor Levels

  • World Record $10,000
  • World Champion $5,000
  • National Champion $2,500
  • Gold Medal $1,000
  • Silver Medal $500
  • Bronze Medal $250


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Twenty one NCAA Rifle teams had competitions over the weekend. The No. 1 WVU Mountaineers handed  the No.3 TCU Horned Frogs their first loss of the season by only ten points.(The two teams tied in Air-Rifle, with Smallbore being the difference.) A few teams shot on Saturday and Sunday- for example firing a 4733 on Sunday against Army.

The level of competition has really been high this Season. How high.... well an excellent individual aggregate score of 1160 would not make the top 50 scores fired this weekend.

Here are the Top 10 team Aggregate Scores: (Full scores at NCAA Rifle Team Results) With WVU, TCU and Murray breaking 4700 again this week.

Air-Rifle Top 10 - Individual Aggregate

There once again were some excellent Air-Rifle scores fired. The top ten Air-Rifle individuals all fired 595 or higher!  Ginny Thrasher led the way after registering a perfect 600, and a 599 this week.

 (Complete listing at NCAA Rifle Individual results)

Smallbore Top 10 -Individual Aggregate

The top ten Smallbore individuals all fired 585 or higher!  Henrik Larsen again had the top score this week with a 595.

The cover photo is courtesy of WVU Rifle Sports. Check out the full story on their impressive win.

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