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The Prone course of fire consists of four 40 shot matches, shot in 20 shot strings, which total a 1600 point daily aggregate. The first match is shot at 50 yards and the second at 50 meters. The third match is called the Dewar comprised of 20 shots fired at 50 yards and 20 shots at 100 yards. The last daily match will be 40 shots at 100 yards.

Day one of the Prone Championships Monday 7/24 was delayed due to rain, and a mutual decision was made to begin the matches on Tuesday. Metallic and Any-Sight Team matches will be fired in the afternoons after Metallic and Any-Sight aggregates.

=== Day One ====================== 

The first day of the Prone competition started with twenty competitors. The Senior and Intermediate-Senior shooters were ready for Prone, and shot to an early lead. As the day progressed it was a familiar group battling for the top three spots in each match.

50 Yard: The Metallic 50 Yard match had five shooters with a 400, and most of the competitors hanging close. Kenneth Benyo and Larry Parker tied with a 400-36x and Benyo was match winner via tie breaker on his second stage.

50 Meters: Larry Parker won the 50 Meter match with the sole 400.  Parker was leading at the midpoint of the day’s shooting with the only perfect 800. Five other shooters trailed with 798-799.

Dewar match: The third of four stages the Dewar match featured the leaders battling for the top three places. Kathy Livingstone fired a 400-28x followed by Eric Gestl 400-25x and Tobin Sanctuary 399-31x….After the match, there was a still five competitors aiming for first place. In the Aggregate with the 100 yard match remaining. Parker and Livingstone currently led the fiel having each only dropped one point.

100 Yards: The last match of the day was the 100 Yard match. As usual the daily aggregate was decided with the longest distance. William Burkert shot the only 400 of the day with 19x. There were several shooters with more x’s but they dropped important points

Metallic-Sight Aggregate

1596 114x   Eric Gestl  – Match Winner

1595 116x   Kenneth Benyo – 1st Master

1594 210x   Tobin Sanctuary 2nd Master

Heading into tomorrow’s Day-2 Metallic sights, the following shooters round out the top ten:

1594 116x    Kathy Livingstone – 1st Expert/Sharpshooter

1594 110x    Larry Parker

1593  97x    William Burkert

1592 113x    Michael Carter

1590 100x   Terry Glenn

1589  95x    Harrison Callahan

1589  85x    Frank Linkowsky   

=== Day Two ====================== 

50 Yard: The competitors came to the line ready for Metallic 50 Yard match with eight shooters with a 400, and another six shooters right behind with 399. The top three shooters all had 400 with Tobin Sanctuary 36x, William Neff 35x, and Michael Carter 34x.

50 Meters: The same three competitors battled for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. This time Carter won the match with the only 400, followed by Sanctuary and Neff.

Dewar match: The leaderboard was changing after Kenneth Benyo 399-32x, Eric Gestl 399-31x, and William Neff 399-30x posted the top three scores.

100 Yards: The last match of the day was the 100 Yard match. Just like Day one, only one shooter was able to fire the elusive 400 at 100 yards.  This time it was Eric Gestl with 400-24x

The Day-2 Aggregate Had three shooters tied at 1596.  The top three were determined by x-count:

1596 124x  William Neff

1596 122x  Tobin Sanctuary

1596 107x  Terry Glenn

Metallic-Sights Grand Aggregate

When all the shots were fired on day two, the same three shooters from Day 1 Metallic Sights held the top three slots in the Metallic-Sights Grand Aggregate. Sanctuary edged out Benyo for 2nd place by one point and they both had 243x.  

The match had a three way tie entering the last 100 yard match, and Gestl 400, Sanctuary 399, and Benyo 398 decided the final standings:

3191 219x   Eric Gestl  – Match Winner

3190 243x   Tobin Sanctuary 2nd Place, High Junior

3189 243x   Kenneth Benyo – High Intermediate Senior

Seven of the top ten scores in the Metallic-Sights Grand Aggregate were fired by Senior and Intermediate Senior competitors.


=== Any-Sights Day 1 ======

50 Yard: Now that the shooters were shooting any-sights. You better shoot a 400 to stay with the leaders.  400-30x was good for 14th place. Kenneth Benyo won the match with a 400-37x

50 Meters: Nine shooters again cleaned the match. Benyo picked up his second win of the day with an outstanding 400-38x

Dewar match: Eleven competitors cleaned the match with 400’s. Mathew McHale shot an excellent 400-38x to win the Dewar match.  There were FIVE shooters that have not dropped a point prior to the upcoming 100 yd match.

100 Yards: There were six 400’s shot in the 100 yard match.  Tobin Sanctuary won the 100 yard match with a tiebreaker victory over Terry Glenn. Both shooters had 400-37x. Benyo had a 399-30x and the one point dropped him to second overall going into Day 2 Any-Sight, 

Any-Sight Day One Aggregate (Preliminary scores)

On the strength of his 100 yard win, Sanctuary won the Day one aggregate.  Seven other shooters shot 1599, so tomorrow will be a very close finish for the Any-Sights title. Two Junior shooters cracked the top ten, including Tobin Sanctuary with the win.

1600 138x   Tobin Sanctuary – Match Winner (Junior)

1599 139x   Kenneth Benyo – 1st Master

1599 137x   Michael Carter -  2nd Master

Heading into tomorrow’s Day-2 Any-Sights sights, the following shooters round out the top ten:

1599 135x    Terry Glenn

1599 131x    William Neff

1599 129x    William Burkert

1599 123x    Daniel Wesson (Intermediate Jr)

1599 113x    Craig Samuelson 

1598 123x    Matthew McHale

1598 118x    Paul Parker

=== Any-Sights Day 2 ======

Any-Sight Day Two Aggregate (Preliminary scores)

The top three competitors from Day one battled it out again. This time Carter came out on top with a 1600-135x

1600 135x   Michael Carter – Match Winner

1600 131x   Tobin Sanctuary 

1599 139x   Kenneth Benyo 

Any-Sights Grand Aggregate

The top four shooters were really close to see who won 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Carter pounded the x-ring today, but Sanctuary cleaned day two with another 1600 for an elusive 3200!

3200 269x   Tobin Sanctuary - Match Winner, High Junior

3199 272x   Michael Carter - 2nd Place

3199 258x   William Neff - 3rd Place

3198-268x  Kenneth Benyo – 1st Master

Michael Carter presenting Tobin Sanctuary the Any-Sight Prone Champion award. Tobin shot a 3200 with iron sights!


The FINAL Top Three:

Once again like in the 3-Position Championship a Junior shooter (this time Tobin Sanctuary) won the Prone Aggregate match showing the strength of our smallbore junior and collegiate programs in the nation.

The Top 3 competitors in the Prone National Championship

Tobin Sanctuary - Match Winner

Kenneth Benyo – 2nd Place

Michael Carter - 3rd Place

Congratulations to all of the competitors, as well all of those involved in putting on the first ASSA National Championship!


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The first American Smallbore Shooting Association National Championships are in action at the Blue Trail Range in Wallingford, CT, July 21-22 (followed by the  Prone Championships). 


Day one of the Position competition started with thirty-nine shooters on the line for the Iron Sights Position matches. Juniors lead the field on Day one with a Junior shooter firing the winning scores in Prone, Standing, Kneeling and the Aggregate.


PRONE started the competition with two shooters shooting 400. Sophia Cuozzo shot 400-25x edging Peter Fiori who shot a 400-21x by 4 x’s..  


STANDING was won by Fiori with an excellent 393-24x. Second place was Ashley Sprague with 389-13x.  There were eight shooters bunched from 384-389.  The Iron Sights Aggregate would be decided in Kneeling.


KNEELING was another match win for Fiori with a 397-23x edging out Ashley Sprague who fired 397-20x. Third Kneeling was Jeffery Doerschler with 394-22x


When all of day one Metallic Sight matches were completed the top of the standings looked like this:

1189-78x  Peter Fiori  - Winner

1184-52x  Ashley Sprague - High Junior

1179-48x  Sophia Cuozzo - 2nd Overall

1178-58x  Tobin Sanctuary – 3rd Overall

1177-58x  Emma Rhode – High Civilian

1176-54x  Megan Wilcoxson – High Woman

1171-48x  Hope Kavulich – 1st Master

1170-48x  Daniel Wesson- 1st Expert

1170-52x  Amber Schifano

1169-46x  Madilyn Riegel

Senior shooters Jeffery Doerschler (1165-49x) and Mandy Otero (1164-48x) are separated by only one point an heading into the Day-2 Any Sight matches.

The Position standings are not over yet, as day two will be Any Sights, with several shooters ready to move up the scoreboard shooting Scope. Only 10 points separates 3rd and 10th place.  Stay tuned…

*** Day two (Any Sights) results *************************

The weather forecast for today was heating up but no chance of rain. The morning wind took a timeout, and the scores soarded now that competitors replaced their Iron Sights with scopes for today’s competition.

PRONE What a difference a day makes. There were five shooters with a perfect 400, and seven more with 399. Fiori continued his winning ways with a 400-36x, this time edging out Jeffrey Doerschler who had a 399-37x. Prone awards:

400-36x   Peter Fiori  - Winner

399-37x   Jeffrey Doerschler – 1st master

400-33x   Rebecca Picone – 1st Expert

397-23x   Joel Potts – 1st Sharpshooter

398-27x   Graham Wolf – 1st Marksman

STANDING – Scores again were rising as was the temperature.  After the standing scores were final, it is looking like no one is going to catch Fiori.  He followed up his Prone win with another match win in Standing 397-24x.  The race for High Senior Aggregate is still down to the wire after Doerschler and Otero tied in Prone 399, and Standing 376.  Doerschler has a point point lead going into Kneeling.

397-24x   Peter Fiori  - Winner

392-15x   Tobin Sanctuary – 1st master

394-22x   Daniel Wesson – 1st Expert

384-09x   Erin Diehl– 1st Sharpshooter

370-10x   Natalie Davidson – 1st Marksman

KNEELING – Fiori continued his run with a 399-28x to also win the Any-Sight Kneeling match. Top scores in Kneeling were a family affair as Peter Fiori Sr shot a 399-21x!  Jeffery Doerschler was right behind the Fiori's with a 398-23x, which locked up the 1st Senior for Any-Sights.

399-28x   Peter Fiori  - Winner

398-23x   Jeffrey Doerschler – 1st master

399-21x   Peter Fiori Sr. – 1st Expert

391-17x   Erin Diehl– 1st Sharpshooter

388-16x   Natalie Davidson – 1st Marksman

The Any-Sight Aggregate Top 10 were:

1196-88x  Peter Fiori  - Winner

1189-68x  Daniel Wesson - 2nd Overall, High Junior

1185-62x  Ashley Sparague - 3rd Overall, High Woman

1182-65x  Tobin Sanctuary - 1st Master

1182-65x  Sophia Cuozzo 

1176-55x  Rebecca Picone - 1st Expert

1174-63x  Emma Rhode - 1st Unclassified

1174-55x  Peter Fiori Sr. 

1173-73x  Jeffery Doerschler

1173-56x  Peter Fiori Sr. 

1168-45x  Erin Diehl - 1st Sharpshooter


2385-166x  Peter Fiori  - Winner

2369-114x  Ashley Sparague - 2nd Overall, High Woman

2360-123x  Tobin Sanctuary - 3rd Overall, High Junior

2359-120x  Daniel Wesson - High Intermediatte Junior

2355-103x  Sophia Cuozzo - 1st Master

2351-109x  Emma Rhode - High Sub Junior

2340- 95x  Madilyn Riegel

2338-122x Jeffery Doerschler - (High Senior Info only)

2337- 83x  Amber Schifano

2328- 91x  Riegel Christopher Hake

2337- 83x  Amber Scifano - 1st Unclassified

2328- 83x  Erin Diehl - 1st Sharpshooter

2327-101x  Rebecca Picone - 1st Expert

Michael Carter presenting Peter Fiori the 3-Position National Championship award.



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The 3-Position Conventional National Championship followed the Prone Championships on July 14-15 at the Wa-Ke'-De Rifle Range in Bristol, Indiana. Weather was in the high 70s and partly cloudy.

The US Army shooters again took top honors in the NRA 2017 3-Position National Championships. (1st) Patrick Sunderman 2391-167x, (2nd) Mike McPhail 2390-168x, and 3rd) George Norton 2388-169x.  Top civilian shooters however were not far behind. In the Metallic Sights competition Jared Desrosiers  grabbed third place, and the Any Sights competition was won Megan Hilbish!

Metallic Sights Championshipfull results at NRA

1196-84 Patrick Sunderman - Service

1195-87 Mike McPhail  - Service

1194-76 Jared Desrosiers - Junior, Civilian

Any Sights Championship Results

1195-86 Megan Hilbish - Collegiate, Civilian

1195-83 Patrick Sunderman - Service

1195-82 George Norton - Service

National Smallbore Conventional 3-Position Championship Results


2391-167 Patrick Sunderman - Service

2390-168 Mike McPhail - Service

2388-169 George Norton - Service

2385-143 Antonio Gross - Junior, Civilian

2383-150 Jared Desrosiers - Junior, Civilian

2382-161 Daniel Martz - Civilian

2382-146 Erin Mcneil - Service

2381-154 Megan Hilbish - Collegiate

2380-136 Richard Clark - Intermediate Junior

2378-136 Peter Fiori - Intermediate Junior


Winner: Patrick Sunderman

1st Civilian: Antonio Gross

1st Senior: William Beard

1st Intermediate Senior: Jeffery Doerschler

1st Collegiate: Megan Hilbish

1st Junior: Antonio Gross

1st Intermediate Junior: Richard Clark


Next up is the Metric 3-Position National Championships!

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We need your help to post pictures and scores from the National Championships on ShootingBUZZ. If you will be attending either the CMP National 3P Air Rifle Championships at Camp Perry (June 21-26), or the NRA National Smallbore Rifle Championships at Bristol (July 8-17).  Just a few clicks and your pics can easily be shared with the competitive Air-Rifle and Smallbore Community.


Please join us for free at ShootingBUZZ to upload your pictures, or you can email any pictures (with a short description) and results to


Let's team together to quickly get the word out on new matches and results for Air Rifle and Smallbore competitions!


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Rachel Garner of Texas Christian University (TCU) won the Women's Three-Position Rifle competition at the National Junior Olympic Shooting Championships (NJOSC), held at the U.S. Olympic Training Center, in Colorado Springs, CO, earlier this month. Garner, a sophomore from Celina, TX, was the standout performer in a talented field. Firing back-to-back world-level qualifying scores of 587 and 585, her 1172 cumulative score earned her the victory.

On what it means to be a Junior Olympic Champion and now a Junior World Championship Team member, Rachel Garner (pictured) said, "It's a dream come true and just a tremendous honor."


After securing the win, Garner finished third in the Final. Garner's performance backs up an outstanding match she had during this year's NCAA Rifle Championship. She was the top qualifier in Smallbore and then finished fourth in the Final. She was the second-best qualifier in Air Rifle there too, and ended up third overall in that event. Garner was runner-up in the Smallbore (.22 caliber) event at last year's NJOSC.

Full story by SSUSA Staff and more pictures are available at Shooting Sports USA

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This year’s Smallbore Rifle shooting season is moving full steam ahead. The 2017 NRA National Smallbore Rifle Championships will be held on the Wa-Ke'-De Rifle Range in Bristol, IN, July 8-17. Registration for the match is available now online.


The Conventional Prone Championship will be fired first on July 9, followed by the Randle, Dewar and other fired team matches on July 13. The Conventional 3-Position Championship will be begin July 14, and the Metric 3-Position Championship begins July 16.

Photo from NRA Shooting Sports USA


The Smallbore 3-Position Champion is determined from the overall aggregate of each competitor's total scores from the combined Conventional 3-Position and Metric 3-Position grand aggregates.


For more Information see the National Smallbore Championships Event page with links to additional info from NRA.

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USA Shooting at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado welcomes the best rifle junior talent in the country for the National Junior Olympic Shooting Championships (NJOSC). Men’s rifle competition kicks off 18 straight days of shooting action beginning Saturday. April 8th.

Athletes have their sights on a spot on the Junior World Championship Team. The top-two finishers in each event at NJOSC will earn the right to compete for Team USA at the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) Junior World Championship, June 22-29 in Suhl, Germany.  A junior committee made up of USA Shooting coaches/staff will determine a potential third spot in each discipline.


FINAL RESULTS PDF in Files Section.

Picture and summary from USA Shooting Press release

Check out the full article at USA Shooting

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The 2017 NRA Intercollegiate Rifle Club Championship was held March 18-19 at Fort Benning, GA—home of the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit.  Student-athletes from 17 schools attended this year's match


The University of Akron won the overall team championship with a score of 4459, receiving a Berger Bullets gift certificate and a Pyramyd air rifle. Additionally, Akron won the air rifle and smallbore team aggregates. The Akron club rifle team, consisting of Gabby Pitre, Brandon Meier, Liz Bark, Luke Massie and Coach April Engle was able to outscore runner up Clemson University by over 50 points. Last year's team champion, the University of Michigan finished in third place with a score of 4377.

Above: The University of Akron club rifle team has won their first NRA Intercollegiate Rifle Club Championship. Pictured are (l. to r.) Coach April Engle, Brandon Meier, Luke Massie, Gabby Pitre and Liz Bark. Photo by John Parker.


Rachel Mangan of Clemson University won a second consecutive individual aggregate championship with a score of 1152. (See cover photo by John Parker) In second place was the Illinois Institute of Technology's John Hirsch, with a score of 1146. The 2015 champion Madeleine Godwin of the University of North Georgia rounded out the individual aggregate winners—finishing in third with a score of 1144. All three received a Pyramyd air rifle.


Check out the full article by John Parker at NRA Shooting Sports USA.

Learn more about NRA collegiate competitive shooting programs at this link:

Pictures from John Parker are also available at NRA Shooting Sports USA.

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