admin base+authorization_role_coach and Champion Shooters Supply have teamed together to offer smallbore competitors at the American Smallbore Shooting Association (ASSA) Championships another way to Win!

Competitor packets for the ASSA Championships at the Cardinal Center in Marengo, OH (July, 6th-13th) will have the information on how ShootingBUZZ members have a chance to win one of several $50. Gift Certificates redeemable at Champion Shooters Supply.  More details at the Match- Good luck to all of the competitors.

The Cardinal Center has broken ground on a 200 point  covered firing line with concrete firing points for 50 yard, 50 Meter, 100 yard and 100 meter firing. 

Champion Shooters Supply, LLC was founded by Carl and Sandra Jooss in 1972.  Carl, a competitive shooter and International Title holder himself, started the business to provide competitors with quality shooting products for training and competition.

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The Cardinal Center in Marengo Ohio will be the host site for the 2018 American Smallbore Shooting Association's National Championships July 6th thru 13th.   Cardinal Center has broken ground on a 200 point paved and covered firing line for 50 yard, 50 Meter, 100 yard and 100 meter firing.  

Match entries are now being accepted.  For online entries please click on the MATCH ENTRY link:

The Match Program is available here on ShootingBUZZ.

Cardinal Center’s Director of Rifle and Pistol Jim Henderson has approved the following dates.

July 6

Prone / F-class check in

Prone / F-class practice

July 7

First Shot Ceremony

Prone Metallic Sights Day 1

F-Class (any sight) Day 1

Walther Prone Clinic by Torben Grimmel

ASSA Prone/F-Class Competitor's Meeting

July 8

Prone Metallic Sights Day 2

F-Class (any sight) Day 2

F-Class Team Matches (any sight)

Prone Metallic Sight Team Match

F-Class Awards

July 9

Prone Any Sight Day 1

Prone Any Sight Team Match

Prone Swap Meet

July 10

Prone Any Sights Day 2

Prone Awards Ceremony

3-Position Check In

3-Position Training (after conclusion of prone matches)

July 11

3-position Metallic Sight Match

ASSA 3-Position Competitors' Meeting

3-Position Swap Meet

AMU 3-Position clinic 

July 12

3-position Any Sight Match

3-Position Individual Matches Award Ceremony

July 13

3-Position Metallic & Any Sight Team Matches

3-Position Team Awards

Conclusion of ASSA Championships

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Thirty two competitors made up the field for the 2018 Bluegrass Prone Regional hosted by the Louisville Rifle and Revolver Club on May 19th and 20th 2018.For the first time F-Class Small bore competitors were on the line with all of the sling shooters.

Day 1 metallic sights:The weather was mostly overcast with mild temperatures and light breezes.  2016 NRA prone champion Mark Del Cotto won the 50 Yard match #1 with a perfect 400-40X.  The expert class was taken by Dan Stone with a 400-30x.  The combined Sharpshooter/Marksman class was won by Alan Hagan with 391-23x.Dave Cloft won the F-Class match with 397-25x.

Match #2 was the Dewar match.  For the first time in this writers 47 year shooting career an unbreakable tie occurred between Howard Pitts and Mark Del Cotto, with each firing a 400-34x.  The expert class was won by Jack Bockman with a 400-25x and and the SS/MK class was won by Alan Hagan with 390-14.  Dave Cloft won the F-Class Dewar with 398-16x

Match 3 was the 100 yard match.  Mark Del Cotto was again the winner with a 399-28x.  Jack Bockman won the expert winner with 397-22 and Fred Bertelsman was the SS/MK winner with 382-10x,  Ken Kik was the F-Class Dewar winner with 397-0x.  

The final match #4 was fired at 50 meters.  Howard Pitts was the only competitor to clean the match with a 400-36x.  Jack Bockman was the expert winner with 397-25x and Alan Hagan was the SS/MK winner with 391-9x.Dave Cloft was the 50 meter F-Class winner with 392-21.

The Iron Sights Aggregate came down to the winner of the 50 meter match as Howard Pitts topped the field with a 1599-133x.  1st Master was Mark Del Cotto with 1598-137x, 2nd Master was Paul Gideon with 1595-116x.

The expert class was taken by Jack Bockman with a 1591-93x and 1st expert was Dan Stone with 1587-98x.  The SS/MK class was won by Alan Hagan with 1544-54x.Dave Cloft was the F-Class winner with 1580-62x.  


Day 2-  Any sights were permitted on the second day of competition.  The temperatures were slightly up as the sun was shining for most of the match.

Match 6 was again the 50 yard match.  The match winner at 50 yards was Howard Pitts with 400-37x.  The expert class was won by Jack Bockman with a 400-35x.  The SS/MK class was won by George Naswadi with 398-25x.  Ken Kik was the F-Class winner at 50 yards with a 398-26x.

Match 7 was the Dewar match.  The match winner was former national prone champion Paul Gideon with a 400-37x.  The expert winner was Brian Hunter with 400-32x.  SS/MK winner was Ivan Rakyta with 393-12x.  Ken Kik was the F-Class Dewar match winner with 395-12x.

Match 8 was the 100 yard match.  Match winner was Howard Pitts with 400-31x.  The expert winner was Brian Hunter with 398-29x.  SS/MK class was Ivan Rakyta with 393-21x.  

F-Class 100 yards was won by Ken Kik with 392-0x.

The final match of the tournament was conducted at 50 meters.  The match winner was Howard Pitts with a 400-37x.  Brian Hunter continued to stay on top of the expert class with a 399-29x. Alan Hagan won the SS/MK class with 385-16x.  Dave Cloft was the 50 meter winner of the F-Class with a 395-21x.

Any Sights Aggregate was won by Howard Pitts with a 1599-140x.  1st Master was Mike Carter with 1597-127x, and 2nd Master was Ed Foley with a 1597-124x.  The expert any sights winner was Brian Hunter with a 1597-122x.  The SS/MK winner was George Naswadi with 1549-55x.

Ken Kik out X’d Dave Cloft by 2 to win the F-Class day 2 1570-50x.

Grand Aggregate Awards:

Howard Pitts was the winner of the 2018 Bluegrass Regional Match winner with 3198-273-x.  2nd place went to Mike Carter with 3191-240x.  3rd place was won by Paul Gideon with 3190-240x.

Expert winner was Jack Bockman with 3183-195.  2nd Expert was Dan Stone with 3181-206.

SS/MK winner was Alan Hagan with 3090-108.  F-Class was won by Dave Cloft 3150-110x.

All of the competitors were once again treated to an excellent match run by the Louisville Rifle and Revolver Club.  Pryce Davidson as the match director, Brent Jarboe as the stat officer and the flawless scoring team led by Eddie Baker for the last 50 years.  This is one of the best matches in the South!

(More photos available here at

Special thanks to:

Mike Carter for the Match article

Brian Hunter for the photos 

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A complete schedule for the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s (CMP) fresh lineup of smallbore rifle events at the 2018 National Matches is now accessible through the CMP website. In addition to an event schedule, the 2018 CMP Smallbore Rifle Competition Rules is also available for viewing online. 

Smallbore competitions have been slotted into the Camp Perry National Match schedule July 16-22 and include:

a 3x40 two-day event;

a 3P Team Match;

a two-day Prone event;

an elimination Prone event;

a Prone Team Match;

and an AMU Clinic.

All smallbore matches will be fired on Rodriguez Range at Camp Perry under a covered firing line. A partnership with Shooters Technology will make scoring easier than ever, with the use of an app that allows instant scoring for quick and efficient results. Finals will be conducted on CMP Targets at Petrarca Range, also on the grounds of Camp Perry, which will utilize the accuracy of CMP’s own electronic target system.

To learn more about CMP’s Smallbore events, register for entry and to take a look at the 2018 Rulebook, visit

Sign up now for the inaugural year of a new tradition of Smallbore at the National Matches!

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It was sad news when I read today's USA Shooting press release that Ret. Army Lt. Col. Lones W. Wigger, a four-time Olympian and the most decorated shooter in the world, passed away on the evening of December 14, 2017 at his home in Colorado Springs, Colorado of complications from pancreatic cancer. He was 80 years old.

Wigger became the only athlete to win medals in all three Olympic rifle shooting disciplines and was selected as one of the U.S. Olympic Committee’s 100 Golden Olympians in 1996.  In honor of his achievements and in celebration of his 80th birthday on August 25, USA Shooting renamed the interior of its headquarters and upper range the Lones Wigger Legacy Hall and Range. Wigger also wanted his legacy to also benefit young shooters and the Lones Wigger/USAS Jr. Olympic Endowment was established to grow youth shooting programs. To date, more than $225,000 has been raised and will impact junior shooting for years to come.

Funeral and memorial services will be announced.  In lieu of flowers, the family has requested donations to the Lones Wigger/USAS Jr. Olympic Endowment.

View Pictures from the Lones Wigger Legacy Hall & Range Dedication

Listen to Lones Wigger’s last public speech given on his 80th Birthday  

The full press release from USA Shooting is available here.

Picture above is from USA Shooting.

Thank you Wig for everything you have done for our sport! Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

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Shooting Sports USA has started a three part series for 3-Position. The first part (by Marcus Raab) discusses the Standing position. 

Maximizing the body’s ability to remain stable in the shooting position throughout an entire course-of-fire requires not only physical training, but also an understanding of what makes a good position and how to assume that correct position repeatedly. While there is no cookie-cutter position that fits every shooter, there are some biomechanical principles to which the shooter and coach should adhere. There are also some common sense ideas that can help the shooter attain their goals. This article will help the coach and shooters understand today’s standing position technique.  

Topics covered include:

Warm-up Holding Exercises

Mounting Sequence

Loading Sequence

Basic Standing Position

Check out the complete article at
For more information on the NRA Coach Education Program, visit

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The No. 1-ranked West Virginia University rifle team closed its fall season in commanding fashion, shooting an NCAA record in a 4742-4703 victory at No. 3 Murray State this afternoon inside the Pat Spurgin Rifle Range in Murray, Kentucky.

Check out the full story at WVU Rifle

The NCAA Site also has all the scores from the record!

Photo - from WVU Rifle Athletics

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Twenty one NCAA Rifle teams had competitions over the weekend. The No. 1 WVU Mountaineers handed  the No.3 TCU Horned Frogs their first loss of the season by only ten points.(The two teams tied in Air-Rifle, with Smallbore being the difference.) A few teams shot on Saturday and Sunday- for example firing a 4733 on Sunday against Army.

The level of competition has really been high this Season. How high.... well an excellent individual aggregate score of 1160 would not make the top 50 scores fired this weekend.

Here are the Top 10 team Aggregate Scores: (Full scores at NCAA Rifle Team Results) With WVU, TCU and Murray breaking 4700 again this week.

Air-Rifle Top 10 - Individual Aggregate

There once again were some excellent Air-Rifle scores fired. The top ten Air-Rifle individuals all fired 595 or higher!  Ginny Thrasher led the way after registering a perfect 600, and a 599 this week.

 (Complete listing at NCAA Rifle Individual results)

Smallbore Top 10 -Individual Aggregate

The top ten Smallbore individuals all fired 585 or higher!  Henrik Larsen again had the top score this week with a 595.

The cover photo is courtesy of WVU Rifle Sports. Check out the full story on their impressive win.

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The CMP is pleased to offer six days of smallbore events during the 2018 National Matches at Camp Perry. One of our goals is to offer more shooting events at Camp Perry and grow participation.

Here is a draft schedule for 2018:

16 July – Check-in/Registration and Practice

17-18 July – 3x40 (2 days)

19-22 July – Prone (4 days)

22 July - Smallbore Awards Ceremony

We will utilize CMP electronic targets, located on Petrarca range, to conduct finals for the events.

Clinics will be offered by the Army Marksmanship Unit and CMP Staff.

CMP is currently drafting rules and regulations for the matches and will be posted in the coming weeks. The remaining details are still under development. We are working with a group of very knowledgeable smallbore shooters to make this an event everyone will enjoy.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please contact CMP Program Coordinator, Brad Donoho at

Latest info from CMP will be on their site at: CMP National Matches

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The 2017-2018 NCAA Rifle competition season is starting September 23, 2017 with a total of 21 teams competing in six matches over the weekend held in KY, TN and SC.

Check out the full season schedule at the NCAA Schedule and Results website..

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