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Shooting prone rifle for a little while but looking to improve your position? While steady and smart practice is the way, here are some things to consider that contributed to large steps upward in the author’s position development over the years.  The author; Reya Kempley is an accomplished competitor at both the National and International level.  In 2013 she won the iron sights prone championship at Camp Perry with a perfect score.

1)  Consistency

One of the simplest ways to improve consistency in your prone position is to keep the butt of your rifle in your shoulder between shots.

2)  Keep your gear close

Another great way to keep movement and errors to a minimum while you shoot prone is to place everything you need as close as possible to you.

3)  Make sure your shooting coat fits

Having a properly fitted coat around the shoulders was one of the most significant improvements to my prone position.

4)  Arm and rifle

The author  took another step forward in her prone shooting when s changed how I thought about the relationship between my arms and the rifle.

Prone position showing the arms in a triangle under the rifle.

5)  Sling rotationMany people are aware that the sling can be placed at a variety of heights on the arm to find a comfortable place with a minimum of heartbeat. This is most commonly just above the bicep, but sometimes elsewhere. Another factor to consider: the rotation of the sling on the arm.

If you haven’t considered one or more of these ideas, I encourage you to give them a try and see if you observe an improvement to your position!

Check out the full article at NRA Shooting Sports USA 

Photos by Justin Tracey

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