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Thirty two competitors made up the field for the 2018 Bluegrass Prone Regional hosted by the Louisville Rifle and Revolver Club on May 19th and 20th 2018.For the first time F-Class Small bore competitors were on the line with all of the sling shooters.

Day 1 metallic sights:The weather was mostly overcast with mild temperatures and light breezes.  2016 NRA prone champion Mark Del Cotto won the 50 Yard match #1 with a perfect 400-40X.  The expert class was taken by Dan Stone with a 400-30x.  The combined Sharpshooter/Marksman class was won by Alan Hagan with 391-23x.Dave Cloft won the F-Class match with 397-25x.

Match #2 was the Dewar match.  For the first time in this writers 47 year shooting career an unbreakable tie occurred between Howard Pitts and Mark Del Cotto, with each firing a 400-34x.  The expert class was won by Jack Bockman with a 400-25x and and the SS/MK class was won by Alan Hagan with 390-14.  Dave Cloft won the F-Class Dewar with 398-16x

Match 3 was the 100 yard match.  Mark Del Cotto was again the winner with a 399-28x.  Jack Bockman won the expert winner with 397-22 and Fred Bertelsman was the SS/MK winner with 382-10x,  Ken Kik was the F-Class Dewar winner with 397-0x.  

The final match #4 was fired at 50 meters.  Howard Pitts was the only competitor to clean the match with a 400-36x.  Jack Bockman was the expert winner with 397-25x and Alan Hagan was the SS/MK winner with 391-9x.Dave Cloft was the 50 meter F-Class winner with 392-21.

The Iron Sights Aggregate came down to the winner of the 50 meter match as Howard Pitts topped the field with a 1599-133x.  1st Master was Mark Del Cotto with 1598-137x, 2nd Master was Paul Gideon with 1595-116x.

The expert class was taken by Jack Bockman with a 1591-93x and 1st expert was Dan Stone with 1587-98x.  The SS/MK class was won by Alan Hagan with 1544-54x.Dave Cloft was the F-Class winner with 1580-62x.  


Day 2-  Any sights were permitted on the second day of competition.  The temperatures were slightly up as the sun was shining for most of the match.

Match 6 was again the 50 yard match.  The match winner at 50 yards was Howard Pitts with 400-37x.  The expert class was won by Jack Bockman with a 400-35x.  The SS/MK class was won by George Naswadi with 398-25x.  Ken Kik was the F-Class winner at 50 yards with a 398-26x.

Match 7 was the Dewar match.  The match winner was former national prone champion Paul Gideon with a 400-37x.  The expert winner was Brian Hunter with 400-32x.  SS/MK winner was Ivan Rakyta with 393-12x.  Ken Kik was the F-Class Dewar match winner with 395-12x.

Match 8 was the 100 yard match.  Match winner was Howard Pitts with 400-31x.  The expert winner was Brian Hunter with 398-29x.  SS/MK class was Ivan Rakyta with 393-21x.  

F-Class 100 yards was won by Ken Kik with 392-0x.

The final match of the tournament was conducted at 50 meters.  The match winner was Howard Pitts with a 400-37x.  Brian Hunter continued to stay on top of the expert class with a 399-29x. Alan Hagan won the SS/MK class with 385-16x.  Dave Cloft was the 50 meter winner of the F-Class with a 395-21x.

Any Sights Aggregate was won by Howard Pitts with a 1599-140x.  1st Master was Mike Carter with 1597-127x, and 2nd Master was Ed Foley with a 1597-124x.  The expert any sights winner was Brian Hunter with a 1597-122x.  The SS/MK winner was George Naswadi with 1549-55x.

Ken Kik out X’d Dave Cloft by 2 to win the F-Class day 2 1570-50x.

Grand Aggregate Awards:

Howard Pitts was the winner of the 2018 Bluegrass Regional Match winner with 3198-273-x.  2nd place went to Mike Carter with 3191-240x.  3rd place was won by Paul Gideon with 3190-240x.

Expert winner was Jack Bockman with 3183-195.  2nd Expert was Dan Stone with 3181-206.

SS/MK winner was Alan Hagan with 3090-108.  F-Class was won by Dave Cloft 3150-110x.

All of the competitors were once again treated to an excellent match run by the Louisville Rifle and Revolver Club.  Pryce Davidson as the match director, Brent Jarboe as the stat officer and the flawless scoring team led by Eddie Baker for the last 50 years.  This is one of the best matches in the South!

(More photos available here at

Special thanks to:

Mike Carter for the Match article

Brian Hunter for the photos 

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Shooting prone rifle for a little while but looking to improve your position? While steady and smart practice is the way, here are some things to consider that contributed to large steps upward in the author’s position development over the years.  The author; Reya Kempley is an accomplished competitor at both the National and International level.  In 2013 she won the iron sights prone championship at Camp Perry with a perfect score.

1)  Consistency

One of the simplest ways to improve consistency in your prone position is to keep the butt of your rifle in your shoulder between shots.

2)  Keep your gear close

Another great way to keep movement and errors to a minimum while you shoot prone is to place everything you need as close as possible to you.

3)  Make sure your shooting coat fits

Having a properly fitted coat around the shoulders was one of the most significant improvements to my prone position.

4)  Arm and rifle

The author  took another step forward in her prone shooting when s changed how I thought about the relationship between my arms and the rifle.

Prone position showing the arms in a triangle under the rifle.

5)  Sling rotationMany people are aware that the sling can be placed at a variety of heights on the arm to find a comfortable place with a minimum of heartbeat. This is most commonly just above the bicep, but sometimes elsewhere. Another factor to consider: the rotation of the sling on the arm.

If you haven’t considered one or more of these ideas, I encourage you to give them a try and see if you observe an improvement to your position!

Check out the full article at NRA Shooting Sports USA 

Photos by Justin Tracey

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The 2017 U.S. Roberts Mens Prone Team regained possession of the prestigious trophy defeating the British 3838 to 3827. The USA Randle Womens Prone Team also won its match with Great Britain 2304 to 2289. So both trophies are back in the USA! Go USA!

Roberts Team Firing members were Eric Uptagrafft who posted the match high score of 391, on the international targets, Hank Gray, Mark Del Cotto, Morgen Dietrich, Kevin Nevius, Howard Pitts, Mike Seery, Billy Azzinaro and Matt Chezem. Wind coaches were Team Captain Patti Clark, Team Coach Shawn Carpenter, Team Adjutant Hap Rocketto, Reserve Shawn Wells and Reserve Mike O’Connor. Martha Kelley was in the scoring room as U.S. observer.

The Randle Team members were led by Edie Fleeman and Martha Kelly.  Firing team members included Michelle Bohren, Lily Davenport, Ruby Gomes, Elizabeth Harty, Ginger McLemore and Chris Rakyta for the win. The Randle Ladies were coached by Kevin Nevius, Mike O’Connor, Joe Graf, Hank Gray, Kerry Spurgin and Eric Uptagrafft.

Editor’s note: The full match report for the Roberts Team match will be published in a future edition of the SSUSA digital magazine. Special thanks to Roberts Team Adjutant Hap Rocketto for the Roberts Match Report, and Elizabeth Harty for the article at SSUSA with the view as a competitor on the winning Randle Team.  Check out the full story on the Randle Team Match from Elizabeth Harty over at

A big difference from shooting NRA Smallbore Nationals at Bristol, IN, and other competitions here in the U.S. is the wind flags. In England, they use wind socks which require a lot more wind to move compared to the thin strips of material we use in the United States.

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The Prone course of fire consists of four 40 shot matches, shot in 20 shot strings, which total a 1600 point daily aggregate. The first match is shot at 50 yards and the second at 50 meters. The third match is called the Dewar comprised of 20 shots fired at 50 yards and 20 shots at 100 yards. The last daily match will be 40 shots at 100 yards.

Day one of the Prone Championships Monday 7/24 was delayed due to rain, and a mutual decision was made to begin the matches on Tuesday. Metallic and Any-Sight Team matches will be fired in the afternoons after Metallic and Any-Sight aggregates.

=== Day One ====================== 

The first day of the Prone competition started with twenty competitors. The Senior and Intermediate-Senior shooters were ready for Prone, and shot to an early lead. As the day progressed it was a familiar group battling for the top three spots in each match.

50 Yard: The Metallic 50 Yard match had five shooters with a 400, and most of the competitors hanging close. Kenneth Benyo and Larry Parker tied with a 400-36x and Benyo was match winner via tie breaker on his second stage.

50 Meters: Larry Parker won the 50 Meter match with the sole 400.  Parker was leading at the midpoint of the day’s shooting with the only perfect 800. Five other shooters trailed with 798-799.

Dewar match: The third of four stages the Dewar match featured the leaders battling for the top three places. Kathy Livingstone fired a 400-28x followed by Eric Gestl 400-25x and Tobin Sanctuary 399-31x….After the match, there was a still five competitors aiming for first place. In the Aggregate with the 100 yard match remaining. Parker and Livingstone currently led the fiel having each only dropped one point.

100 Yards: The last match of the day was the 100 Yard match. As usual the daily aggregate was decided with the longest distance. William Burkert shot the only 400 of the day with 19x. There were several shooters with more x’s but they dropped important points

Metallic-Sight Aggregate

1596 114x   Eric Gestl  – Match Winner

1595 116x   Kenneth Benyo – 1st Master

1594 210x   Tobin Sanctuary 2nd Master

Heading into tomorrow’s Day-2 Metallic sights, the following shooters round out the top ten:

1594 116x    Kathy Livingstone – 1st Expert/Sharpshooter

1594 110x    Larry Parker

1593  97x    William Burkert

1592 113x    Michael Carter

1590 100x   Terry Glenn

1589  95x    Harrison Callahan

1589  85x    Frank Linkowsky   

=== Day Two ====================== 

50 Yard: The competitors came to the line ready for Metallic 50 Yard match with eight shooters with a 400, and another six shooters right behind with 399. The top three shooters all had 400 with Tobin Sanctuary 36x, William Neff 35x, and Michael Carter 34x.

50 Meters: The same three competitors battled for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. This time Carter won the match with the only 400, followed by Sanctuary and Neff.

Dewar match: The leaderboard was changing after Kenneth Benyo 399-32x, Eric Gestl 399-31x, and William Neff 399-30x posted the top three scores.

100 Yards: The last match of the day was the 100 Yard match. Just like Day one, only one shooter was able to fire the elusive 400 at 100 yards.  This time it was Eric Gestl with 400-24x

The Day-2 Aggregate Had three shooters tied at 1596.  The top three were determined by x-count:

1596 124x  William Neff

1596 122x  Tobin Sanctuary

1596 107x  Terry Glenn

Metallic-Sights Grand Aggregate

When all the shots were fired on day two, the same three shooters from Day 1 Metallic Sights held the top three slots in the Metallic-Sights Grand Aggregate. Sanctuary edged out Benyo for 2nd place by one point and they both had 243x.  

The match had a three way tie entering the last 100 yard match, and Gestl 400, Sanctuary 399, and Benyo 398 decided the final standings:

3191 219x   Eric Gestl  – Match Winner

3190 243x   Tobin Sanctuary 2nd Place, High Junior

3189 243x   Kenneth Benyo – High Intermediate Senior

Seven of the top ten scores in the Metallic-Sights Grand Aggregate were fired by Senior and Intermediate Senior competitors.


=== Any-Sights Day 1 ======

50 Yard: Now that the shooters were shooting any-sights. You better shoot a 400 to stay with the leaders.  400-30x was good for 14th place. Kenneth Benyo won the match with a 400-37x

50 Meters: Nine shooters again cleaned the match. Benyo picked up his second win of the day with an outstanding 400-38x

Dewar match: Eleven competitors cleaned the match with 400’s. Mathew McHale shot an excellent 400-38x to win the Dewar match.  There were FIVE shooters that have not dropped a point prior to the upcoming 100 yd match.

100 Yards: There were six 400’s shot in the 100 yard match.  Tobin Sanctuary won the 100 yard match with a tiebreaker victory over Terry Glenn. Both shooters had 400-37x. Benyo had a 399-30x and the one point dropped him to second overall going into Day 2 Any-Sight, 

Any-Sight Day One Aggregate (Preliminary scores)

On the strength of his 100 yard win, Sanctuary won the Day one aggregate.  Seven other shooters shot 1599, so tomorrow will be a very close finish for the Any-Sights title. Two Junior shooters cracked the top ten, including Tobin Sanctuary with the win.

1600 138x   Tobin Sanctuary – Match Winner (Junior)

1599 139x   Kenneth Benyo – 1st Master

1599 137x   Michael Carter -  2nd Master

Heading into tomorrow’s Day-2 Any-Sights sights, the following shooters round out the top ten:

1599 135x    Terry Glenn

1599 131x    William Neff

1599 129x    William Burkert

1599 123x    Daniel Wesson (Intermediate Jr)

1599 113x    Craig Samuelson 

1598 123x    Matthew McHale

1598 118x    Paul Parker

=== Any-Sights Day 2 ======

Any-Sight Day Two Aggregate (Preliminary scores)

The top three competitors from Day one battled it out again. This time Carter came out on top with a 1600-135x

1600 135x   Michael Carter – Match Winner

1600 131x   Tobin Sanctuary 

1599 139x   Kenneth Benyo 

Any-Sights Grand Aggregate

The top four shooters were really close to see who won 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Carter pounded the x-ring today, but Sanctuary cleaned day two with another 1600 for an elusive 3200!

3200 269x   Tobin Sanctuary - Match Winner, High Junior

3199 272x   Michael Carter - 2nd Place

3199 258x   William Neff - 3rd Place

3198-268x  Kenneth Benyo – 1st Master

Michael Carter presenting Tobin Sanctuary the Any-Sight Prone Champion award. Tobin shot a 3200 with iron sights!


The FINAL Top Three:

Once again like in the 3-Position Championship a Junior shooter (this time Tobin Sanctuary) won the Prone Aggregate match showing the strength of our smallbore junior and collegiate programs in the nation.

The Top 3 competitors in the Prone National Championship

Tobin Sanctuary - Match Winner

Kenneth Benyo – 2nd Place

Michael Carter - 3rd Place

Congratulations to all of the competitors, as well all of those involved in putting on the first ASSA National Championship!


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The 2017 NRA National Smallbore Rifle Championships have completed at the Wa-Ke'-De Rifle Range in Bristol, Indiana.  Eight-eight competitors fired the four-day match, which was comprised of two days with Iron sights, and two days with Any sights.

After all the shots were fired, the 2017 National Champion is SFC Hank Gray, USA REG who only dropped one point over the four days with an outstanding score of 4799 – 419x. Second and third place award winners both shot 4797.   SFC Mike McPhail, USA REG had 438x, and SSG Grorge Norton, USA REG had 397x. 

Gray won both the Iron-sights (2399-201x) and Any-sight (2400-218x) Championships!

Photo courtesy St. Joseph Valley Rifle & Pistol Association of

For all of the results from the Championships check out the links to the NRA Competitions – National Rifle Championship pages below.

National Conventional Prone Championship Results

Prone Iron-Sights Aggregate

Prone Any Sight Aggregate

The Conventional Prone Awards ceremony will be the night of July 13th.

The 3-Position Conventional Championships will be fired on July 14-15, followed by the 3-Position Metric Championships July 16-17.

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