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The 3-Position Conventional National Championship followed the Prone Championships on July 14-15 at the Wa-Ke'-De Rifle Range in Bristol, Indiana. Weather was in the high 70s and partly cloudy.

The US Army shooters again took top honors in the NRA 2017 3-Position National Championships. (1st) Patrick Sunderman 2391-167x, (2nd) Mike McPhail 2390-168x, and 3rd) George Norton 2388-169x.  Top civilian shooters however were not far behind. In the Metallic Sights competition Jared Desrosiers  grabbed third place, and the Any Sights competition was won Megan Hilbish!

Metallic Sights Championshipfull results at NRA

1196-84 Patrick Sunderman - Service

1195-87 Mike McPhail  - Service

1194-76 Jared Desrosiers - Junior, Civilian

Any Sights Championship Results

1195-86 Megan Hilbish - Collegiate, Civilian

1195-83 Patrick Sunderman - Service

1195-82 George Norton - Service

National Smallbore Conventional 3-Position Championship Results


2391-167 Patrick Sunderman - Service

2390-168 Mike McPhail - Service

2388-169 George Norton - Service

2385-143 Antonio Gross - Junior, Civilian

2383-150 Jared Desrosiers - Junior, Civilian

2382-161 Daniel Martz - Civilian

2382-146 Erin Mcneil - Service

2381-154 Megan Hilbish - Collegiate

2380-136 Richard Clark - Intermediate Junior

2378-136 Peter Fiori - Intermediate Junior


Winner: Patrick Sunderman

1st Civilian: Antonio Gross

1st Senior: William Beard

1st Intermediate Senior: Jeffery Doerschler

1st Collegiate: Megan Hilbish

1st Junior: Antonio Gross

1st Intermediate Junior: Richard Clark


Next up is the Metric 3-Position National Championships!

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The 2017 NRA National Smallbore Rifle Championships have completed at the Wa-Ke'-De Rifle Range in Bristol, Indiana.  Eight-eight competitors fired the four-day match, which was comprised of two days with Iron sights, and two days with Any sights.

After all the shots were fired, the 2017 National Champion is SFC Hank Gray, USA REG who only dropped one point over the four days with an outstanding score of 4799 – 419x. Second and third place award winners both shot 4797.   SFC Mike McPhail, USA REG had 438x, and SSG Grorge Norton, USA REG had 397x. 

Gray won both the Iron-sights (2399-201x) and Any-sight (2400-218x) Championships!

Photo courtesy St. Joseph Valley Rifle & Pistol Association of

For all of the results from the Championships check out the links to the NRA Competitions – National Rifle Championship pages below.

National Conventional Prone Championship Results

Prone Iron-Sights Aggregate

Prone Any Sight Aggregate

The Conventional Prone Awards ceremony will be the night of July 13th.

The 3-Position Conventional Championships will be fired on July 14-15, followed by the 3-Position Metric Championships July 16-17.

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If you’re thinking about college, you may be worried that you’ll have to let your shooting skills get rusty. You’ll be glad to know that there are more than 500 shooting programs on college and university campuses across the United States. This is because more and more schools are discovering that shooting programs are considerably less expensive than other athletic programs. They’re also learning what you’ve known for years: Shooting is exceptionally safe and helps develop sportsmanship, leadership, responsibility and concentration. Competitive shooting also teaches self-discipline and teamwork. Generally, collegiate shooting programs appear in the curriculum as educational courses, intramural or recreational programs and intercollegiate competition.

One of the easiest ways to shoot as a college student is to join a marksmanship intramural program. Shooting is a coed sport, and virtually all students on campus can take part. Intramurals are fun and can offer dorms and independent groups the chance to compete with each other and learn about the responsibility of using and owning guns.

At the center of most collegiate shooting programs is competition. Intercollegiate clubs or teams engage in postal (competitors are in different locations) or shoulder-to-shoulder (competitors are on the same range) matches.

Full article is available at Shooting Sports USA.

by Victoria Croft, National Manager, NRA Collegiate and Schools Programs

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We need your help to post pictures and scores from the National Championships on ShootingBUZZ. If you will be attending either the CMP National 3P Air Rifle Championships at Camp Perry (June 21-26), or the NRA National Smallbore Rifle Championships at Bristol (July 8-17).  Just a few clicks and your pics can easily be shared with the competitive Air-Rifle and Smallbore Community.


Please join us for free at ShootingBUZZ to upload your pictures, or you can email any pictures (with a short description) and results to


Let's team together to quickly get the word out on new matches and results for Air Rifle and Smallbore competitions!


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This year’s Smallbore Rifle shooting season is moving full steam ahead. The 2017 NRA National Smallbore Rifle Championships will be held on the Wa-Ke'-De Rifle Range in Bristol, IN, July 8-17. Registration for the match is available now online.


The Conventional Prone Championship will be fired first on July 9, followed by the Randle, Dewar and other fired team matches on July 13. The Conventional 3-Position Championship will be begin July 14, and the Metric 3-Position Championship begins July 16.

Photo from NRA Shooting Sports USA


The Smallbore 3-Position Champion is determined from the overall aggregate of each competitor's total scores from the combined Conventional 3-Position and Metric 3-Position grand aggregates.


For more Information see the National Smallbore Championships Event page with links to additional info from NRA.

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