From action pistol and bullseye champions, smallbore, high power and precision rifle masters, trapshooters and Olympic gold medalists—SSUSA has compiled this list of 50 (52 to be exact) female athletes that are influencing the ever-changing landscape of competitive shooting—for the better.

Note: This isn’t a ranking, though we purposely grouped the first four women at the front in recognition of the attention generated by their respective shooting careers. Otherwise it’s a random selection, with the goal of presenting female shooters from as many disciplines as possible.

Kim Rhode: One of a few household names on this list, Kim Rhode and her Olympic bronze medal performance in Rio last year made her a six-time Olympic medal recipient. Kim has won an Olympic medal on five continents.

Julie Golob: The legend of Julie Golob begins with a young girl taping targets and picking up brass with her dad at their gun club. Working at these matches, she was able to observe some of best shooters in the world compete. After learning the basics of shooting, she knew that she wanted to become a champion shooter.

Jessie Duff: Jessie Duff started out in cowboy action shooting, progressing to USPSA, Steel Challenge, Multi-Gun and Bianchi Cup. She is a multiple-time National and World Champion in all divisions, and has appeared on Fox News as an expert on competition firearms. 

Ginny Thrasher: This Olympic gold medalist needs little introduction. Quietly arriving on the scene after years racking up smallbore and air rifle victories—Ginny Thrasher arrived at West Virginia University and made history. Not only did she win the smallbore championship at NCAA in 2016, but her performance at the Rio 2016 Olympics started a media frenzy. 

Check out the full article at NRA Shooting Sports USA to see the other 48 Competitive Shooters!

Original article by: John Parker SSUSA


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