We know Competitive Shooters for their skill and talent on the range. But, what do they do when they’re not on the range?


Let's find out. Freedom Journal veteran Gabby Franco shares her one-on-one interview with American Olympic Biathlete Lanny Barnes as she shares the other side of shooting sport athletes.

(Photo courtesy/Lanny Barnes)


Lanny Barnes has been interested in art since she was very young. She never took any formal schooling but it has always been one of her passions. Lanny also said that it helped get her through those long months competing in Europe away from home and sitting in a hotel room.


She became a professional artist in 2000 and has done a lot of commissioned pieces for people which has helped fund her Olympic career with her artwork.


Lanny's art work is amazingly beautiful and unique. You can purchase some of her prints at www.theolympianartist.com, or email her at llbarnes3@hotmail.com


by Gabby Franco - Friday, March 10, 2017

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Kevin base+authorization_role_coach
Mar 17 '17
Very cool to see what Olympic athletes are doing outside the shooting sports.
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